Adheer mann by Anup Jalota/Deepak Jeswal/Arnab Chatterjee


After trying his luck in the romantic genre, lyricist Deepak Jeswal is back with a bhajan called Adheer Mann featuring the famous Bhajan singer Anup Jalota. The devotional number is lord dedicated to Lord Ram and the veteran singer recorded it within the short time of an hour after hearing the track twice. Adheer Mann was launched on social media last Sunday and it garnered 1.3m views on YouTube, within one day.

Adheer mann

The song has the soft feel of Raga Bhairavi, which makes it immediately relatable and hummable for the listeners. The music is composed by Jeswal’s frequent collaborator Arnab Chatterjee, who used live musical instruments to make the song extremely pleasant to the ears. The composition has used sitar, flute, guitar, tabla, manjeera among other musical instruments.

Deepak Jeswal, who has written the lyrics besides presenting the song. He has always wanted to write something for Lord Ram and he came up with this bhajan, to fulfill his wish, particularly, roping in Jalota for the song.

“Arnabda (Arnab Chatterjee) already knew Anupji and when Arnabda suggested we record this in Anupji’s voice, by God’s grace, everything just fell into place, easily. We sent him the rough track and he loved it. And that moment he was on. Anupji is very sweet and humble to work with. He really grasps the nuances very fast. Watching him record was like being in a university. He only heard the track twice, made some notes on the lyric sheet and he was ready to record it,” said Deepak Jeswal, adding that Anup Jalota was very pleased with the lyrics of the song and Deepak Jeswal will always cherish the praises.

The lyricist also added that the song is a tribute to his late father Mr. Ram Pal Singh Jeswal, who was highly devoted to Lord Ram. The song was categorically launched on his father’s 91st birth anniversary.

“It was always meant to be a gift to my father. His birthday is on January 10th. So, when we were working on the project I had envisaged it as a gift to him. It’s just so unfortunate and heartbreaking that he left us midway. And, now I am releasing the gift as a tribute. I hope Papa likes it and blesses us from wherever he is,” Jeswal said

The song is also streaming on major streaming platforms such as jiosavvn, apple music, amazon music, spotify besides his YouTube channel Deepak Jeswal Official.


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