Kakkaichiraginile Nandalala – Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi – K V Mahadevan – K R Vijaya | Thirumal Perumai (1968)


I have selected today’s first post as the analysis of the song, Kakkaichiraginile Nandalala…, because according to the South Indian Hindu calendar, currently, the auspicious month of Margazhi is going on. The month is auspicious in that girls in Tamil Nadu perform the worship of Goddess Karthyayani during this time to connect with the Lord. Goddess Karthyayani is Lord Krishna’s sister and the worship is called Pavai Nombu. The reason for the performance of the Nombu is that only the union of Prakruti (nature) and Chetana (consciousness) creates the universe.

Also, Andal wrote the Thirupavai during this month, which consists of 30 songs to wake up Goddess Karthyayani and listen to her request. Every day, Andal goes to each of her friends’ home in the morning and wakes them up to take them to the river to purify themselves and begin the worship. Each song also contains the description of Lord Vishnu’s different avtars. Andal completes the Nombu and falls asleep to dream that Lord Krishna had come to wed her.

The next day, she visits her friends and tells them about her dream through her song – Varanam aayiram… I got a chance to perform this song when I was in the 12th grade. I have shared a picture of that performance here. By the way, this movie did not have the song – Varanam aayiram…

That’s me in the lead and my sister on the extreme right.

Movie – Thirumal Perumai (1968)

The song, Kakkaichiraginile Nandalala, was featured in Thiruvenkateshwara Movies’ Tamil mythological movie Thirumal Perumai (1968), directed by A P Nagarajan. The movie starred Shivaji Ganeshan, K R Vijaya, Shivakumar, M L Bhanumathi, Kutti Padmini, etc.

The movie is all about how devotees can acquire the grace of Lord Vishnu and how He solves our problems. The movie consists of 3 stories – Andal, the thief and the dancer.

The first story is of Saint Andal or Kothai as she is called by her adopted father Perialvar (Shivaji Ganeshan). Kothai is an avtar of Goddess Lakshmi (M L Bhanumathi), who is sent by Lord Vishnu (Shivakumar) to reinforce the importance of worshipping Him.

When Kothai is a little girl (played by Kutti Padmini very cutely), Perialvar tells her the story of Lord Krishna. Kothai wants Him for a friend and wears the garland her father had made for the temple idol. Perialvar is angry when he sees that the garland has been worn by the child and slaps her. Then, he goes away to bring more flowers to make another garland to offer the Lord. The wonder of wonders, the second garland when offered is rejected by the idol. Little Kothai comes to the temple crying and asks her father to offer the garland she had worn. The garland is accepted by the Lord.

Kothai grows up to a beautiful young woman and her devotion to the Lord develops into eternal love. But due to gossip in the village, Perialvar compels Kothai to marry a groom selected by him. As she is enveloped by gloom due to her father’s decision, her friend tells her about Pavai Nombu. Kothai performs worship with the aim of getting married to Lord Krishna.

Margazhi gets over and Kothai’s Nombu is also completed. She asks her friend, who had suggested the worship, sadly, “I have still not received the fruits of the worship. Lord Krishna hasn’t come to wed me.”

Her friend replies, “You have just finished the worship. Wait for some time. Fate will decide your future.”

Kothai sings this song, thinking about Lord Krishna, after her friend leaves.

Song – Kakkaichiraginile Nandalala

The song, Kakkaichiraginile Nandalala, was penned by Kannadasan and set to tune by K V Mahadevan. The original song is by Mahakavi Bharathiyar.

The song goes thus, “I can see Your dark color in the wing-feather of crows.”

Video – Kakkaichiraginile Nandalala

The cinematography is by W R Subba Rao.

The video opens with the actor playing Kothai’s friend leaving K R Vijaya alone. K R Vijaya is sad. She lies on her bed and sighs. Music begins slowly. Then, she begins this song. Pictures of Lord Krishna and his leelas are shown and K R Vijaya goes to sit on a seat near a window.

K R Vijaya goes to the idol of Lord Krishna and continues to sing the song. Soon, she goes to lie on her bed and falls asleep. In her dream, she sees Lord Krishna and they move close to each other. They get married according to South Indian Hindu rites.

Lord Krishna places her right foot on a grinder stone, which is one of the important South Indian Hindu rituals of marriage. K R Vijaya blushes and the dream is over. Then, she wakes up. The song has already ended and the video also ends there.


This song has been sung by Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi for K R Vijaya. Shivakumar is also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

This song depicts the true love of Andal aka Kothai for Lord Krishna. Andal is a Saint Poet famous in Tamil Nadu and she worshipped Goddess Karthyayani during Margazhi month to attain Lord. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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