Emerging Music Trends 2021

Emerging Music Trends 2021

Today’s second post is Emerging Music Trends 2021. The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown for almost six months have affected the music industry not only in India but also globally. The pandemic essentially shut down live performances, canceling nightclub gigs and tours alike and imperiling an entire industry. However, the Indian music fraternity is hopeful that the crisis is likely to accelerate underlying trends in the music industry, which is cashing in on the innovative music consumption and models like streaming, independent and meaningful compositions and loads of computerized music.

Emerging Music Trends 2021

Lyricist Deepak Jeswal, who has written over 100 song lyrics and poems, feels since the film releases have been postponed or delayed and the film music wasn’t amply released, the void is being filled with non-film music. And, he hopes the trend will continue this year too as the shooting of many films has been stalled because of the new strains of mutated coronavirus.

“With the lockdown, studios were closed and so the amount of music churned out was less. But with their opening, we are seeing some fresh releases. Independent music and non-film music is likely to continue to hold strong. With film releases still some months away and film scripts not having lip-synced songs as in the past, we see a strong non-film/independent music industry to flourish,” said Deepak Jeswal about the trend.

For Singer Archita Bhattacharya, streaming and digital shows will be the highlight of 2021. She feels the year will focus on the importance of streaming, which has grown exponentially during the lockdown and will eventually give rise to independent music. There will be live digital shows happening as well similar to the other industries, which are also resorting to the digital medium.

“Music event companies have already started organizing digital shows beautifully and music lovers are getting connected with these digital shows. But we still need more models to educate viewers to pay for the concerts and help artists to come out of this situation. Free contents should be a complete no. As streaming has increased, I am hopeful that 2021 will have more independent/meaningful music content. It’s evident on our YouTube channels that music connoisseurs are really loving this original content. I really hope and pray music producers/company, who are in a position to spend money should record contents with live musicians as it’s going to take our music to another level altogether (that is why we still go back to our old songs every now and then) and also it will give employment to our talented musicians,” said Archita Bhattacharya.

It has been seen that since studios are shut and people are following social distancing norms, a lot of musicians are again going back to computerized music for their songs. The real feel of the songs is lost this way.

“Computerized music was started long before Covid19 happened. But yes, artists and musicians who used to hardly use computerized music, is now more inclined to use the same as it’s cost-effective and requires less number of musicians. And it comes in very handy,” said both Archita Bhattacharya and Deepak Jeswal.

However, this trend of computerized music doesn’t attract Music Composer Arnab Chatterjee, who says he is doing more acoustic instruments work during this pandemic. 

Now, both Deepak and Arnab are looking forward to the release of a fully live recorded Bhajan sung by Anup Jalota, titled Adheer mann… on 10th January 2021.


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