Saare niyam tod do – Asha Bhonsle – R D Burman – Rekha | Khoobsoorat (1980)


Movie – Khoobsoorat (1980)

The song, Saare niyam tod do, was featured in the award-winning family drama Khoobsoorat (1980), directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and produced by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and N C Sippy. The movie starred Ashok Kumar, Rekha, Rakesh Roshan, Dina Pathak, Ranjit Chowdhury, etc.

Anju (Aaradhana) and Manju (Rekha) are 2 naughty sisters. Anju gets a matrimonial proposal and gets married into a family, which follows rules and is disciplined. Manju starts missing her sister and visits her. Anju’s mother-in-law (Dina Pathak) is not very pleased with Manju’s carefree attitude toward life and keeps insisting on discipline. Anju’s younger brother-in-law Inder (Rakesh Roshan) and Manju keep playing pranks against each other. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that they should call it a truce and become friends. Soon, they express their love for each other.

Anju’s youngest brother-in-law Jagan (Ranjit Chowdhury) is a budding musician. But, his mother does not encourage this hobby. Manju convinces him to enjoy life. Slowly, she finds out that Anju’s elder sister-in-law (Shashikala) and father-in-law (Ashok Kumar) are also interested in music. Manju convinces them to join her in a small musical event on the terrace the coming Sunday saying that they are not hiding anything from Anju’s mother-in-law but doing this for pure happiness. It is convenient because Anju’s mother-in-law Nirmala (Dina Pathak) goes to her usual kitty party, on that day.

Slowly, Manju creates a good rapport with all the others but Anju’s mother-in-law. Anju’s mother-in-law is a tough nut to crack. Manju convinces them that they are the most intelligent of all. She invites them for a supposedly non-existent program on the terrace on All Fools Day. Everybody appears on the terrace to watch and make fun of others. All but the mother-in-law. But then, there actually is a program dedicated to breaking the strict rules. This is the program that the ladies of the house including the eldest son’s daughter Munni (Baby Komal) perform with Manju.

Song – Saare niyam tod do

The song, Saare niyam tod do, was penned by Gulzar and its tune was composed by R D Burman.

The girl revolts against strict rules.

Video – Saare niyam tod do

The cinematography is by Jaywant Pathare. Dance choreography is by Gopi Krishna.

The video opens with Baby Komal drawing her sword and Rekha stopping her. Rekha begins the song, dropping the rope confining her. She also begins to dance. Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Roshan, Ranjit Chowdhury and others begin enjoying the performance, which includes Aaradhana and Shashikala.

Dina Pathak seems to have returned home and she climbs up the stairs to find out what was happening. Rekha discerns the older actor and feels guilty about the whole situation. Ashok Kumar in the audience also turns back, perceives Dina Pathak and gets serious.


The song, Saare niyam tod do, has been sung by Asha Bhonsle for Rekha. Ashok Kumar, Aaradhana, Shashikala, Rakesh Roshan, Ranjit Chowdhury, Baby Komal, Dina Pathak and others are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

This song is just a fun number, which intends to revolt against strict rules. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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