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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of the Army. The opening is for a Lead Firefighter (Basic Life Support) in Southport, North Carolina Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Lead Firefighter (Basic Life Support) – Southport, North Carolina
U.S. Army Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Department of the Army
Job ID: 368416
Start Date: 11/25/2020
End Date: 12/08/2020

Qualification Summary
In order to qualify, you must meet the education and/or experience requirements described below. Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community; student; social). You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. Your resume must clearly describe your relevant experience; if qualifying based on education, your transcripts will be required as part of your application. Additional information about transcripts is in this document. Specialized Experience: One year of experience which prepared you to do the work in this job. Specialized experience is defined as: Leading a firefighter team providing basic life support procedures; controlling or extinguishing fires (in wooded areas, ships/marine vessels, trains, trucks and structures which contain ammunitions, fuels, gases and volatile chemicals) as a member of an organized military, industrial, volunteer, or governmental fire department or brigade; rescue operations; detection, reduction, or elimination of potential fire hazards; operation of fire communications equipment; controlling hazardous materials incidents; and/or developing, implementing, or providing training in fire protection and prevention. This definition of specialized experience is typical of work performed at the next lower grade/level position in the federal service (GS-07). IN ADDITION TO SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE THIS POSITION REQUIRES THE INCUMBENT TO POSSESS THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATES:
(1) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) State or National registry, AND
(2) Fire Officer I Certification, AND
(3) Fire Instructor I Certification, AND
(4) Fire Inspector I Certification, AND
(5) Driver Operator Pumper Certification, AND
(6) Driver Operator Aerial Certification, AND
(7) Hazardous Materials Technician Certification. The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification must be issued by State or National Registry (NREMT). The Firefighter certifications must have been awarded by the Department of Defense (DoD) or any equivalent entity accredited by International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or Professional Qualification Board (Pro-Board) accredited training to meet the requirement. (Note: Certificates must be uploaded at the time of application.) You will be evaluated on the basis of your level of competency in the following areas:
AccountabilityDecision MakingEmergency Medical CareFire SuppressionFirefighting EquipmentHazardous Materials ResponseManaging Human ResourcesVehicle Operation Time in Grade Requirement: Applicants who have held a General Schedule (GS) position within the last 52 weeks must have 52 weeks of Federal service at the next lower grade or equivalent (GS-07). Special Retirement Coverage: This position has been identified by Department of Army and approved by the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness as a covered primary, rigorous position for special retirement coverage as identified in 5 CFR 831 Subpart I for CSRS Retirement coverage and 5 CFR 842 Subpart H for FERS retirement coverage. The individual hired is subject to Special Retirement provisions to include additional contributions to the retirement fund, mandatory separation/retirement at age 57 with 20 years of approved special retirement provisions service, options for early retirement at any age after 25 years of approved special retirement provisions service, or at age 50 with 20 years of approved special retirement provisions service. Department of Defense (DoD), in accordance with 5 USC 3307, has determined an individual must be appointed to their first/original appointment into a DoD position that has been identified and approved as a primary firefighter no later than the last day of the month in which they become 37. Preference eligible veterans over the age of 37, may apply regardless of the age restriction. If selected, a waiver of the age restriction will be requested by the hiring official for approval by the Department of Army. An individual who is past the maximum entry age (37) who previously served in an approved primary position may be reinstated to a covered primary position provided they meet the applicable qualification requirements AND will be able to complete a total of 20 years of covered service as a firefighter by the last day of the month in which they become 57. The Department of Army may approve an exception to the maximum entry age (37) for the original entry of a non-veteran-preference-eligible applicant into a primary covered firefighter position. Exceptions shall be extremely rare and based only on a compelling hardship to the mission. Should an exception be granted, the employee shall be separated on the last day of the month in which he/she completes 20 years of special retirement provisions covered service. In addition to providing the required eligibility documentation listed elsewhere in this job announcement, you must provide sufficient documentation to determine proof of age. This documentation should be attached under Special Retirement Coverage as identified in the Required Documents section. For reentry into a primary covered position, you must also provide sufficient documentation (SF-50s) to show length of service in a previous covered firefighter position. Additional information regarding Special Retirement coverage CSRS Retirement FERS Retirement

If you’d like to submit a resume or apply for this position, please contact Premier Veterans at abjobs@premierveterans.com. All are free to apply!


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