Bobby Brown Jr., son of r&b singer, Bobby Brown, has died


Bobby Brown Jr., a budding performer in his own right, and son of singer Bobby Brown was reportedly found deceased in his father’s Los Angeles home. The news was reported by the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere. The 28-year-old’s death is not believed to be the cause of foul play.

Bobby Brown Jr.’s death adds to the tragedies surrounding his famous father

Even without foul play as a cause, there are as yet no clear answers about the young performer’s passing. Conflicting reports claim that Brown Jr. had “flu-like symptoms” before he died, and as reported in the, that he died from “partying too much.”

The claim that the younger Brown died from too much partying is reportedly from Brown’s friend, Mikey Polo, according to As of yet, the conflicting reports do not help fans, or likely the performer’s family, make sense of the tragedy.

Bobby Brown Jr.’s passing is just one of several tragedies to touch the life of his father in recent years. The first memorable death the public associates with the elder Bobby Brown is that of singer Whitney Houston. As many will recall, Houston, who had been married to Brown, died reportedly from a combination of heart disease and cocaine usage in 2012. A few years later, tragedy struck again. Houston’s and Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Christina, died in a manner similar to her famous mother (face down and unresponsive in a bathtub) and succumbed to her injuries after being on life support for several months.

Bobbi Christina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is a part of the tragedies that are linked to Bobby Brown, Sr. After being ordered to pay $36 million in a wrongful death suit, Gordon overdosed on heroin and died earlier this year. He was 30.

According to reports, other family members close to the senior Brown, but out of the spotlight, have also died in recent years.

It should be noted that Mikey Polo, the rapper who was friends with Brown Jr., has been emphatic in his claim that the younger Brown was not depressed. Despite what some have described as pressure to succeed like his dad in the music business, it seems from all accounts that Bobby Brown Jr. was finding his in life and in music. He was releasing singles, his social media features him in amorous poses with an attractive young woman wearing a stunning diamond. The captions insinuate pending nuptials.

Whatever the manner of death, Bobby Brown Jr.’s passing Nov. 18, 2020, is a tragedy for a number of reasons, including his age and his potential. As it has only been two days since his passing, perhaps more will be learned about his cause of death.

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