Bollywoody Journey


Today’s second post is Bollywoody Journey. The journey is often an important part of our lives. A journey can take us to new places, which are worth experiencing. Poets also call life, a journey. This journey is full of hardships. I remember what my English teacher from twelfth grade wrote in my autograph book just before our final board exams. She wrote, “Reaching the destination may be important. But, the journey is more important and the process of moving toward the destination needs to be enjoyed.” This teacher taught me to enjoy life and to look for moments of joy on a daily basis.

Bollywoody Journey

Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen… Madhumati (1958)

Yeh dilna hota bechara… Jewel Thief (1967)

Zindagika safar… Safar (1970)

Zindagi ik safar hai suhana… Andaz (1971)

Main toh chala jidhar chale rasta… Dharkan (1972)

Chala jata hoon… Mere Jeevan Sathi (1972)

Musafir hoon yaaron… Parichay (1972)

Yunhi chala chal… Swades (2004)

Hum jo chalne lage… Jab We Met (2007)


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