Nelly, drama, among reasons “Dancing With the Stars” is a show to watch


Season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars” continues to have something for people who might not have been fans of the show otherwise. With judging ups and downs, and contestants’ injuries and improvements, the show seems to moving from reality dance show to drama, albeit unplanned and perhaps unscripted. Not to mention rapper Nelly continues to hold his own on the show.

Last week, two of the show’s favorites experienced emotional upheavals, one of which resulted in a contestant leaving the show. Jeannie Mai, the former hostess of a makeover show, and current talk show co-hostess, has had to leave “DWTS” because of a throat injury that required emergency attention. As a result, Mai has left the show.

Mai’s leaving is unfortunate because she is a big personality ( with a photogenic smile, too) and those things are well-translated from the stage through the screen. In other words, people like her. Now that she’s gone, will that spell ratings disaster for the show? “Dancing With the Stars” continues to receive criticism from fans online for the installation of Tyra Banks as host. Especially when it was revealed that former co-host Tom Bergeron did not know he was being replaced until the last minute, according to online reports.

But do people only watch “Dancing With the Stars” for the hosts? Logic says “no.” However, some viewers might. The past two weeks on the show have been filled with anticipation. Nelly, the rapper, continues to writhe and shimmy his way closer and closer to the semi-finals. Could his journey lead all the way to the finals?

For this week’s “Icons” week, Nelly and his partner, Daniella, danced to Nelly’s version of “California Love.” The backflip made a return, and the rapper even helped his partner take more than one flip. The playful, rhythmic routine is keeping online fans cheering for Nelly.

For one other popular musician, the road to the “Dancing With The Stars” finals has come to an abrupt end. AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, had been paired with Cheryl Burke. However, according to Cosmopolitan and other outlets, a mistake during the pair’s Viennese waltz spelled elimination for them.

The show’s semi-finals are scheduled to air Nov. 16, 2020.


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