Aajko junli raat ma – Lata/Mohd. Rafi – S D Burman – Sharmila/Rajendra | Talash (1969)


Movie – Talash (1969)

The song, Aajko junli raat ma, appears in the 1969 romantic movie Talash (Search) produced and directed by late O P Ralhan. The movie starred Rajendra Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, O P Ralhan, Balraj Sahni, Sulochana Latkar, etc.

Raj Kumar (Rajendra Kumar) has dreams of a prosperous life. Soon after completing his graduation, he finds that his mother (Sulochana Latkar) had struggled for many years to educate him. He gets a job at Ranjit Rai’s (Balraj Sahni) company so that his mother does not have to struggle anymore. Raj Kumar works hard and rises to a higher level soon. During a vacation with his friend Lachchu (O P Ralhan), Cabaret Dancer Rita (Helen) befriends them. She and the people at the hotel where they are staying think that Raj Kumar is a prince. So some rich girls also befriend him.

One day, Raj gets involved in a horse-riding accident and a tribal belle Gauri (Sharmila Tagore) saves him. They fall in love and he confesses to only her that he is not a prince but a salaried worker. She appears to be happy due to the confession. When he meets her father (D K Sapru), he is compelled to promise that he would marry Gauri only. When he promises the same, but insists that the marriage would happen only after his mother’s (Sulochana) consent; Gauri’s father is happy as he believes that only a good progeny can be a good person. The older man also invites him for a traditional get-together of their tribe. The couple sings this song together with other performers, during the event.

Song – Aajko junli raat ma

The music of this hit romantic song was composed by S D Burman and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The song goes thus, “On this special day, the sky is over the earth. Someone has come into my courtyard in the form of a moonbeam.”

Video – Aajko junli raat ma

Cinematography is by Nariman A Irani. The dance choreography is by Sohanlal-Surya Kumar.

The video begins with some dialogues between Rajendra Kumar and Sharmila Tagore. The next shot is of the traditional get-together. The lead pair is wearing traditional tribal dresses. Sharmila Tagore begins to sing and the lead pair also begins to dance together with other actors. The other girls tease her and she covers her face shyly.

Rajendra Kumar pulls Sharmila Tagore’s dupatta that has been attached to her styled hair. She sits down covering her blouse. Her blouse is already exposed. The dupatta does not cover it from the beginning. How come she feels shy only when he pulls her dupatta? When he ‘arranges’ the dupatta back into the complicated hair dress, she gets up and moves her hand off her blouse.

Rajendra Kumar plays the dhol. Sharmila Tagore dances like a peacock with other girls. I loved this step. Rajendra Kumar brings a large pipe and plays that as he dances to the tune of the song. He also begins to sing and they dance together. Soon, the music rises to a crescendo and the video ends as all the dancers keep jumping gracefully to the tune of the song.


The playback singer of Aajko junli raat ma is Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi for Sharmila Tagore and Rajendra Kumar.

Cultural Influence

This song is supposed to be a traditional folk song belonging to some Indian tribal community. The song and the artists are good. The video can be watched for the same.


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