Antakshari with Shreya Ghoshal


Today’s post is Antakshari with Shreya Ghoshal. It is a continuation from the Antakshari with Mahendra Kapoor that was posted on Monday. The last letter in the song-list of the post was ‘ra’. Believe me, compiling this song-list was a tough job because I had to find songs beginning with ‘ra’ and ‘ha’ back to back. Then, I had to find 2 songs with ‘ma’. Though, Shreya Ghoshal has a vast body of work behind her, searching for specific songs is difficult; because I find it difficult to remember today’s songs. I really find this strange since the lyrics of today’s songs are supposed to be easily remembered. I remember the challenging words in the songs of yore, easily, but not the easy ones of today.

Antakshari with Shreya Ghoshal

Rang mein aa mere dhalti raho jism ke dayre mein pighalti raho… Topless (2005)

Har taraf har jagah har kahin pe hai haan uska noor haan uska noor… Saaya (2003)

Radhe Krishna ki jyoti alaukik tino lok mein chhaaye rahi hai… Vivah (2006)

Humari shaadi me abhi baaki hai hafte char… Vivah (2006)

Rootho naa tum mujhse o baby listen to me… Khanna and Iyer (2007)

Meri ibtada meri intaha jo kuchh hai tujhko doon main… Showbiz (2007)

Mere dholna sun mere pyaar ki dhun mere dholna sun… Bhool Bhulaiyan (2007)

Ni soniya ni soniya aankha ladgaiyan… Shukriya (2004)

Yadon me aksar aate rahe kuchh pal hasaate rulaate rahe… Paisa Vasool (2004)


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