Hazar plays impassioned classic guitar on “Reincarnated”


Ulas Hazar, who is better known as Hazar is an acoustic guitarist. His latest album, “Reincarnated” was released Aug. 28, 2020. The album finds the guitarist taking style risks and teaming up with other talented musicians to bring songs to life.

On “Reincarnated” Hazar teams up with guest guitarist Al Di Meola, pianist Mike Roeloe, percussionist Mehmet Katay, and bass clarinetist Pitor Torunski. Together, they play songs that range from Brazilian to Gypsy Swing, to ballads to hard-swinging bebop.

A bit about Hazar

Hazar grew up in Germany spent years playing an instrument called the saz. Saz is essentially a long-necked lute with three strings. Throughout the years while learning to play microtonal and polyrhythmic forms, Hazar began to blend Western and Eastern music, an approach that probably lends to his unique style and sound.

Hazar’s first album was the highly rated “Virtuoso” album. String experts were impressed by his playing “Caprices” by Niccolo Paganini on three strings. Advice given by John McLaughlin led to Hazar taking up the acoustic guitar. The rest is musical history in the making.

Hazar: “Made for Wesley” on “Reincarnation”

“Reincarnation” is full of beautiful songs. “Made for Wesley” is one of them. One of Hazar’s trademarks is to keep the melody in mind, no matter where the style of the piece might eventually wander. The feeling that audiences might get from listening to “Made for Wesley” is the feeling of being lulled. Not necessarily to sleep, but the effect is both charming and invigorating. Hazar’s energy pulls audiences in, and for a while, just under three minutes to be exact, listeners can let their minds wander as they attempt to follow the rhythms and melodies Hazar creates.

It has been said of Hazar that he deserves to be discovered in North America. Arguably, he does. Already the guitarist has a growing and ardent following on Spotify. If Hazar continues to play like he does on “Reincarnation,” that increase in audience could happen sooner rather than later.

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