Antakshari with Sonu Nigam


Today’s post is Antakshari with Sonu Nigam. Continuing with the last letter of the last word in the Antakshari with Asha Bhonsle, I am sharing 9 songs sung by Sonu Nigam. I am not a big fan of the songs churned out today. Very few of the songs made today, touches my heart. Finding new songs, itself is difficult for me. I made the task all the more challenging by restricting myself to the songs sung by Sonu Nigam. The results are as follows:

Antakshari with Sonu Nigam

Hamein jabse mohobbat ho gayi hai yeh duniya khoobsurat ho gayi hai… Border (1997)

Humko rehna hai ek dooje ke sath… China Gate (1998)

Tera kya lagta hai deewana… Aag (1994)

Nainon ko karnedo nainonse baat… Muqabala (1993)

Teri gali vicho langhega janaja jado mera… Bewafa Sanam (1995)

Raat kitni dastane keh rahi hai… Paltan (2018)

Humne toh yeh nahin socha tha aisa kaise ho gaya… Forever (2019)

Yeh dil deewana deewana hai yeh dil… Pardes (1997)

Leti hai yeh zindagi kya kya imtehan… Shukriya (2004)

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