Befikre (2016) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s article is Befikre (2016) – A Complete Analysis. Befikre (2016) is the story of a couple, who go into a live-in relationship at the outset. They have a breakup, soon, and realize that they are in love with each other.

Befikre (2016) – A Complete Analysis

  1. The movie opens with live-in mates Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) and Dharam (Ranvir Singh) parting ways after an exchange of expletives and ending with a cuss word coming from Dharam. More recently, dialogues with expletives, cuss words and other hitherto taboo words have been used. Children are watching this. I wonder what kind of new generation will grow up picking up these words.
  2. When Shyra and Dharam part ways, she is wearing his T-shirt. He tells her to remove that. Inside the T-shirt, she is only wearing a bra. Her face shows the hatred since she had to stand wearing a bra until she finds her own shirt to wear above the jeans. I wonder is Vaani Kapoor was compelled to do this scene, this way.
  3. The media has been calling these kinds of movies coming of age cinema. If copying what the other countries do is coming of age cinema, the responsibility of the wayward behavior of youngsters lies on the shoulders of these filmmakers. I repeat, the children are watching everything.
  4. The movie has a good message that before embarking on a commitment as live-in sexual partners, a couple needs to be friends. But, my question is that if these issues need to be highlighted, what is the need to be so explicit. These issues can be handled in a subtle way, without going so over the top.
  5. The song Nadi jame j’aime… has been picturized well. Vaibhavi Merchant’s dance choreography is good.
  6. During the last song Khulke dulke…, which happens to be a Bhangra, the effect of the traditional dance does not appear in the final video. First, the choreographed dance does not do justice to the traditional one. Secondly, the extra dancers are not wearing traditional dresses. They are wearing bikinis. How ridiculous!
  7. The music by Vishal-Shekhar and lyrics by Jaideep Sahni seem to be ok.
  8. The playback for Ranvir Singh has been given by different singers like Arijit Singh in Nashe si chad gayi…, Benny Dayal in Ude befikre…, Nikhil D’Souza in You and me…, Vishal Dadlani in Nadi jame j’aime… and Gippy Grewal in Khulke dulke… The difference in voices sounds odd.
  9. Even the playback for Vaani Kapoor has also been given by different singers like Rachel Varghese in You and me…, Sunidhi Chauhan in Nadi jame j’aime… and Harshdeep Kaur in Khulke dulke… Here again, the difference in voices sounds odd. According to me, in one movie, a single singer should sing all songs for an actor.
  10. Besides, I also believe that the choice of singers should be such that the voice suits the actor because the overall effect is seen visually. It is a different matter that the audio of the songs is heard by fans, separately.

Befikre (2016) songs

Labonka karobar…

Nashe si chadh gayi…

Ude dil befikre…

You and me…

Nadi jame j’aime…

Khulke dulke…


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