Antakshari with Mohammad Rafi


Today’s post is Antakshari with Mohammad Rafi. Antakshari is an Indian game that is played in either groups or as individual participants. In the game, one person or group sings one stanza of a song. The next person or group takes up the last consonant of the word with which the first song was ended. The game continues until one individual or group is unable to sing a song. The last singer is the winner. Beginning today, I will be sharing 9 songs for the game. I have selected songs sung by Mohammad Rafi, for the game today. Every installment will have songs sung by one singer.

Antakshari with Mohammad Rafi

The game begins with the decision on who would start the game. A song makes the decision – Baithe baithe kya karen karna hai kuch kaam. Shuru karen Antakshari lekar Hari ka naam. This song ends in Ma. So, the first song begins with Ma.

Maine rakhkha hai mohobbat apne afsane ka naam… Shabnam (1964)

Maine poocha chandse ki dekha hai kahin… Abdullah (1980)

Husn chala jab aisi chal deewane ka poch na haal pyar ki kasam kamal ho gaya… Professor (1962)

Yeh mana meri jaan mohobbat saza hai maza is mein itna magar kisliye hai… Haste Zakham (1973)

Husn jab jab ishqse takra gaya… Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare (1966)

Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai… Loafer (1973)

Humdam mere maan bhi jao kehna mere pyar ka… Mere Sanam (1965)

Kali ghata chayi prem rutu aayi aayi aayi aayi aayi teri yaad aayi… Kali Ghata (1980)

Idhar toh hath la pyare dikhaoon dinko bhi tare… Aakhri Dao (1958)


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