Waqt Ki Awaaz (1988) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s post is Waqt Ki Awaaz (1988) – A Complete Analysis. Waqt Ki Awaaz (1988) is the story of a man, who is embroiled into a dragnet of scheming goons and how he salvages himself from it.

Waqt Ki Awaaz (1988) – A Complete Analysis

  1. Vishwa Pratap (Mithun Chakraborty) believes the sob-story related to him by Lata (Sridevi) about her being a maid and her honor was at stake. Vishwa Pratap seems to be a vulnerable person, ready to succumb to any lies told by any supposed damsel-in-distress and takes Lata home to stay with him and his sister. But, Sridevi’s acting is so convincing that anyone would fall for it. 🙂
  2. There was a trend in Bollywood some years back where if there is a sister (hero’s or heroine’s), she has to be brutally raped and murdered. Otherwise, there is no credibility to the hero’s beating up of the villains. Such a situation also arises in this movie.
  3. In these movies, the hero is always an all-rounder. During the song, I want to hit somebody… Vishwa Pratap plays the saxophone, which is a very western musical instrument, though he is an ordinary perhaps uneducated truck driver.
  4. Vishwa Pratap is tried for murdering his sister’s rapist and killer in the court of Justice Sharda (Moushmi Chatterjee). It turns out that Sharda is his mother. This is not known due to a DNA test, but due to a gold chain and locket. That the gold chain and locket can be duplicated or misplaced, is not realized.
  5. A regular potboiler, Waqt Ki Awaaz (1988) is watchable for Sridevi, Mithun Chakraborty and Kader Khan’s acting and Saroj Khan’s dance choreography.
  6. The music by Bappi Lahiri and lyrics by Indeevar are actually good. I love all of them being a fan of Sridevi, Mithun Chakraborty and Neelam.

Waqt Ki Awaaz (1988) songs

Ladki akeli tu bhi akela…

Guru Guru aa jao Guru…

I want to hit somebody…

Tu bhi bekarar…

Ek do teen char…


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