Manna Dey-Suman Kalyanpur Duets


Today’ssecond post is about Manna Dey-Suman Kalyanpur Duets. Bollywood gave this pair to us after 1956 when the new crop of singers including Suman Kalyanpur was welcomed by the fans. The combined voices of Manna Dey and Suman Kalyanpur made an interesting pair and they gave us hit music for as long as they could. Following are just some of the 45 songs that they sang together.

Manna Dey-Suman Kalyanpur Duets

Prem bada balwan jagat… Maya Nagri (1957)

Tum jo aao… Sakhi Robin (1962)

Dil se jo baat… Al Hilala (1958)

Na jane kahan tum the… Zindagi Aur Khwab (1963)

Ye din hai khushi ke… Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai (1963)

Bheegi hawaon mein… Shriman Satyavadi (1960)

Ankh mein shokhi… Reshmi Roomal (1960)

Aao hilmilke nacho re… Jaane Anjaane (1970)

Dil toh dil hai phool bhi… Dafaa 302 (1975)


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