Sargam (1979) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s second post is Sargam (1979) – A Complete Analysis. Sargam (1979) is the story of a man, who sets out on the search for a good groom for a dance teacher’s mute daughter.

Sargam (1979) – A Complete Analysis

  1. Tuberculosis is a contagious disease. I wonder how Raju (Rishi Kapoor) does not transmit it to people around him.
  2. People brought up on the streets are street-smart and not so naïve as Raju. The scene where his pocket is picked does not bear any likeness to reality. A street-smart man would never reveal any information about the money he is carrying. Or atleast he will not be so careless as he.
  3. When Kusum (Aruna Irani) brings the police to arrest Prakash (Shakti Kapoor) during his marriage to Hema (Jaya Prada), the divine intervention is given a logical turn, which is appreciable.
  4. At the beginning of the song Mujhe mat roko…, Raju coughs. During such situations on stage, the audience blows wolf whistles and they even might throw old shoes and rotten tomatoes. But, this does not happen in the movie. Strange that the audience is a good one! All artists should find such audiences.
  5. At the same time, a performance like the one during Mujhe mat roko… requires a lot of co-ordination between the performers. The co-ordination can only be achieved after several rehearsals together. But, in the video, it is shown that Raju and Hema are surprised to see each other on the stage and realize that they are performing together.
  6. Jaya Prada effectively turns on her South Indian charm in portraying the character of Hema.
  7. Rishi Kapoor is also commendable in his portrayal of Raju, who is loved by almost all the villagers of Hema’s hometown.
  8. The theme that runs through the movie is music and dance, which I loved.
  9. Dafliwale… topped the charts on the Vividh Bharati’s Geetmala program for 25 weeks since its release. Till date it is the only song to have achieved this feat.
  10. Feet-tapping music by Lakshmi-Pyare and lilting lyrics by Anand Bakshi are a welcome break from the noise that is presented in the form of today’s music.

Sargam (1979) songs

Ramjiki nikli savaari…

Parbat ke is paar…

Kahan tera insaaf hai…

Hum toh chale pardes…

Koyal boli…

Mujhe mat roko…

Dafliwale dafli baja…


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