Jeet kar dikhaana hai by Mumbai Artists Rajesh Roy and Rahul B Seth


Today’s second post is Jeet kar dikhaana hai. This article is about a recently released single by Mumbai Artists Rajesh Roy and Rahul B Seth.

As is known by all, music has great power to soothe, heal, and relax frazzled nerves, bringing peace and tranquillity to the listeners. Especially more so during this grim and desolate scenario of the COVID19 Pandemic having gripped the world, where the only ray of hope for all people now is the emergence of the much-required vaccine.

But, the anxious wait had started plunging everyone into an unknown abyss of uncertainty. So, it was time to infuse them with some strong positive motivation in order to boost their dwindling morale and lift their spirits.

This is when two superbly talented individuals came together for a just cause. Prolific Music Composer/Singer Rajesh Roy joined hands with another prolific Singer/Lyricist/Composer Rahul B Seth. Together, they decided to usher in a ray of hope into people’s anxious lives and minds by creating a song that would not only be a heartfelt salute to all the social, civic, health care and defense personnel – the selfless, angelic and brave warriors but also work as a soothing reminder of the undying human spirit and tenacity in the face of extreme challenges.

Together, they created a song titled, Jeet kar dikhaana hai (Victory shall be ours for the World to see) – a song that would help alleviate some of the pain and hardships faced by all. A song that would unite all people with a common emotion – “The will to surmount all odds” – and bring a determined smile upon their faces.

Rahul B Seth

A song that would have the entire nation sing from the heart and proclaim in unison – Jeet kar dikhaana hai.

And then, The Universe joined its force with them, and lo and behold! … A galaxy of stars including celebrated singers, actors, cricketers, music maestros and some of the warriors themselves became a part of this musical endeavor and extended their selfless and friendly support to spread this message of Victory against all odds worldwide.

The song premiered on India’s Independence Day- 15th August 2020-, on the YouTube channel of Shoot at Site Motion Pictures.

It is written by Rahul B Seth and the music, the video and the concept have been created by Rajesh Roy. They both have performed sung the song as well, along with other singers. The Creative Director of this Project is Sheetal Gupta, who has also rendered her vocals in the song. And the entire project has been produced by Shoot at Site Motion Pictures, Mumbai.


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