Yaadon Ki Baraat (1973) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s third post is Yaadon Ki Baraat (1973) – A Complete Analysis. The movie, Yaadon Ki Baraat (1973), starts as a whodunit and progresses to a lost-and-found story, written from the point-of-view of the male actors.

Yaadon Ki Baraat (1973) – A Complete Analysis

  1. Many people go around with a different identity than what is real. Some people are fooled by this behavior. Vijay (Vijay Arora) also poses as Kunwar Vijay to gain the attention of rich brat Sunita (Zeenat Aman). She gets to know about the masquerade and initially, offended. But, eventually, she forgives him. I wonder, how can a person, who has lied to his beloved before, not lie again.
  2. Shankar (Dharmendra) ekes out a living through robberies. Soon, he gets caught in a web of more serious crimes by Shakaal (Ajit); who, unknown to Shankar, happens to be Shankar’s parents’ killer.
  3. Jack (Satyen Kapoo) is the only witness to the murder of Shankar’s parents and is ready to help Shankar find the killers. But, Jack seems to be a dumb person. He makes 2 mistakes. One is that he calls Shakaal to blackmail and demand money from him. Needless to say, Jack gets killed by Shakaaal’s men. The second mistake that he makes is that he keeps a letter for Shankar in his pocket and the killer finds it.
  4. Sunita (Zeenat Aman) is naïve enough to believe Shankar when he tells her that Vijay is present at a higher floor of the hotel. Shankar does this to kidnap her and leaves her with Shakaal.
  5. It is odd that this typical family song says that the family will be reunited due to this. It is as if the mother teaches this song to her children; knowing that they are going to get separated in some time! At the same time, she says that they should not be separated from each other.
  6. Ratan (Tariq Khan) often sings their family song at the hotel where he works – Hotel Maryland. He is on the lookout for his brothers. It is as if he knew that he would find his brothers in the hotels where he works. The radius of the search is too restricted. I mean, the brothers could have been anywhere in the world. Is it necessary that they would meet at the hotels that he worked in? Couldn’t it happen that his brothers never came to hotels?
  7. I love the 3 numbers Chura liya hai tumne jo dilko…, Ho meri Soni meri tamanna… and Lekar hum deewana dil…
  8. In Lekar hum deewana dil… and the other 2 songs, I feel, words have just been rhymed for the sake of creating the lyrics.
  9. Otherwise, R D Burman and Majrooh Sultanpuri Sahab’s creations are feet-tapping.

Yaadon Ki Baraat (1973) songs

Yaadon ki baraat…

Chura liya hai tumne jo dilko…

Aapke kamre mein koi rehta hai…

Ho meri Soni meri tamanna…

Lekar hum deewana dil…

Yaadon ki baraat (Version 2)


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