Here Kanhaiya kisko kahega tu Maiya – Kishore Kumar – Kalyanji-Anandji | Chhoti Bahu (1971)


It is celebration time in India with Janmashtami coming along. Today is Sri Jayanti, which is a part of the festival for South Indians. So, I am sharing the post with the song – Here Kanhaiya kisko kahega tu Maiya…

Movie – Chhoti Bahu (1971)

Here Kanhaiya kisko kahega tu Maiya was featured in Delux Productions’ hit family drama directed by K B Tilak and produced by Darius Gotla and Seeru Daryani. The cast included Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore, Nirupa Roy, Shashikala, I S Johar, Sarika, etc.

Radha (Sharmila Tagore) is the only child of a rich merchant and is a patient of epilepsy. Her condition is triggered when her favorite doll is taken away from her. A young doctor Madhu (Rajesh Khanna) lives with his elder brother Shriram (Tarun Bose) and sister-in-law Sita (Nirupa Roy). When Madhu begins his practice in his village, a local unqualified doctor’s work is affected. The man grudgingly arranges the match between Radha and Madhu. Madhu marries her without knowing about her health condition.

Though Madhu and his family get to know about Radha’s illness soon after the wedding, they accept her as she is since the marriage has already happened. That day, Radha’s attack subsides when Shriram and Sita’s son little Gopi touches her. Sita lets Radha have the little boy for herself. Radha on the other hand begins to take care of the child as if he is her own son. One day, a mendicant is heard singing this song, which is so situational.

Song – Here Kanhaiya kisko kahega tu Maiya

The song, Here Kanhaiya kisko kahega tu Maiya, was penned by Indeevar and the music was given by Kalyanji-Anandji..

The man sings, “O Kanhaiya, who will you call your mother. One gave birth to you. The other brought you up.”

Video – Here Kanhaiya kisko kahega tu Maiya

Cinematography is by Prakash Antra. Dance choreography is by P L Raj-Peda Satyam Vempati.

The video opens with Sharmila Tagore coming outside the house holding a child in her arm. Music has already begun. A mendicant comes that way singing this song and she makes the child offer some donation to him.

He not only sings but also shakes a few legs. Nirupa Roy is sitting inside the house and smiles at the song. Sharmila Tagore also smiles. The mendicant goes around the village asking for alms from the villagers.

Nirupa Roy is seen circumambulating around the Tulsi Brindavan inside the house and watering the sacred plant. Time passes and the child has grown into a 7-year-old Sarika. The song peters out and the video also ends as Sarika runs off.


Kishore Kumar has sung this song. Sharmila Tagore, Nirupa Roy, Sarika and others look on.

Cultural Influence

This song is a direct take-off from Indian mythology. It talks of the early life of Lord Krishna. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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