Bacha le aye Maula aye Ram – Mohammad Rafi – Ravi – Johnny Walker | Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969)


Movie – Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969)

Bacha le aye Maula aye Ram was featured in the Yash Chopra directed B R Chopra produced Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969), under the banner of B R Films. The movie starred Dharmendra, Feroz Khan, Saira Banu, Mumtaz, etc.

Munish (Dharmendra) is returning from abroad after completing his engineering course. His rich friend Jai Kishan (Feroz Khan) has been instrumental in the development of his friend’s career. Rita (Mumtaz) is also on the same ship and has become friendly with Munish. They throw a party for the successful return of Munish.

Jai Kishan immediately assigns Munish the job of constructing a dam for farmers in a village. Munish sings this song after telling Jai Kishan that he was doing a very good job for the country people. But, Jai Kishan is using faulty materials for civil construction on the sly.

On the other hand, Munish and a social worker Meena (Saira Banu) fall in love thanks to some hilariously unsolicited intervention from his peon-cum-driver Ghulam Rasool (Johnny Walker). One day, Ghulam Rasool arranges a date between them, without them knowing. When they get to know, he runs away. They decide that if Ghulam Rasool has made them meet, why not begin dating themselves. Meena is called away to the city by her father for some reason.

Jai Kishan visits Shimla and meets Meena to fall in love with her. Munish also visits Shimla and realizes that his friend is in love with his beloved. He is reminded of all the help that his friend had done for Munish’s career and family. Munish is sad. Jai Kishan sends Munish’s mother with his proposal for Meena’s hand. Meena’s parents know that the proposal is from Jai Kishan. But, Meena misinterprets the proposal and thinks that it is from Munish.

Soon, Jai Kishan gets to know that Munish and Meena are in love with each other and begins to detest his friend. Munish finds out that the materials being used to build the dam are of inferior quality and tells the workers to stop the work. Jai Kishan overrides the order by Munish and tells the workers to continue the work. He also breaks all relations with his friend and his family. Munish tells Meena that the proposal was from Jai Kishan and she throws the gift, the latter had sent to her, on his face.

Munish tries to get a job. But, Jai Kishan uses his influence to get him rejected everywhere. Meena suggests that Munish try to get a government job. Jai Kishan tries to influence that also. But, the interview panel selects Munish because he is the only candidate, who did not have an influence or had offered a bribe. When Ghulam Rasool gets to know that Munish had got the government job without any influence or bribe, he is shocked and sings this song.

Song – Bacha le aye Maula aye Ram

Bacha le aye Maula aye Ram was penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi and the music was scored by Ravi.

The man sings, “O God, please save us. Times have changed. It is the times of no bribe and no influence.”

Video – Zindagike rang kayire

The video opens with Johnny Walker beginning to sing the song. The music has already begun. Saira Banu is enjoying his performance.

Some people wearing traditional North Indian clothes also come to watch his performance. Johnny Walker and the others begin to dance in tune with the music.

Saira Banu just enjoys the performance. The song and the video end abruptly as the camera focuses on all of them.


Mohammad Rafi sings this song for Johnny Walker and Saira Banu and others look on.

Cultural Influence

This song is supposed to be a comic one that satirically eulogizes the times when bribes and influences worked. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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