Student of the Year (2012) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s post is Student of the Year (2012) – A Complete Analysis. Student of the Year (2012) is the story of a school where the dean gets his students to compete with each other for his own entertainment. Intertwined with this plot is a sub-plot of a love triangle between 2 boys and a girl. How one boy gets the girl is the narrative all about.

Student of the Year (2012) – A Complete Analysis

  1. This movie is about school students. First of all, the whole idea of students, school or college for that matter, falling in love, is revolting. These children are supposed to study and not have love affairs. When I was studying in school, I saw my colleagues supposedly ‘falling in love’ with each other. I for one stayed away from all that and honestly, concentrated on studies. Being an average student, it was all the more necessary thing to do.
  2. Abhimanyu (Siddharth Malhotra), Rohan (Varun Dhawan) and Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) are the main characters in the story. Shanaya is Rohan’s girlfriend. But, Abhimanyu falls in love with her.
  3. Abhimanyu likes Shanaya as she is (wearing revealing clothes). But, he tells her to wear decent clothes. How do we take this attitude of Abhimanyu? Double-standards!
  4. Besides, which school allows female students to wear semi-nude clothes?
  5. Rohan is one of the popular students at school. Many girls vie for his attention, despite the presence of Shanaya. In this process, the mothers of the girls themselves teach their daughters ways to attract the attention of the rich brat Varun. This goes to the extent of one mother telling her child to make sure she has waxed the bikini area. I don’t have to explain further. It’s disgusting!
  6. A school in India has a principal at the head of the institution. But, this school has a dean. How come?
  7. Most important point – what is the guarantee that after leaving Varun for Abhimanyu, Shanaya will stay with Abhimanyu? Such people don’t.
  8. Like many other songs from today, the 4 songs of this movie are sung by 3 singers – Kukkad…, Radha…, Ishqwala love… and The disco song. It’s difficult to find out who is singing for which actor.
  9. It’s either the above. Or one singer is singing for a couple of actors.
  10. Otherwise, the songs are popular and let me hurriedly add before young fans come banging at my door that they are feet-tapping too.

Student of the Year (2012) songs

Gulabi ankhen jo meri dekhi…




Ratta maar…

Ishqwala love…

The disco song


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