Victoria no. 203 (1972) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s third post is Victoria no. 203 (1972) – A Complete Analysis. Dynamo International’s hit movie Victoria no. 203 (1972) is a murder mystery. It is a good attempt by Producer-Director Brij.

Victoria no. 203 (1972) – A Complete Analysis

  1. A key is found inside the loose wig of a dead man by Raja (Ashok Kumar) and Rana (Pran). I wonder how the killer does not find it.
  2. The movie is full of coincidences. Raja and Rana also find the ward boy (Mohan Choti) through coincidence. This ward boy was given a diamond ring by someone for a small task with a key. Raja and Rana assume that both the keys are the same and their assumption comes true!
  3. Rekha (Saira Banu) is shown undressing in one scene and Ashok Kumar enjoys the sight! The character he plays is much older than the heroine, almost the age of her father. Disgusting! Can’t a story be told without a girl undressing in front of the camera?
  4. Raja and Rana dismantle the Victoria at night and it is still in the same condition when Rekha leaves her home during the rain. But, Rekha does not see that.
  5. Rekha has to dance seductively in front of a criminal (Ranjit) to find out more about the people, who framed her father. I would like to know – why does a girl have to seduce or attempt to seduce the bad guys to find something out? Aren’t there other ways?
  6.  Rekha’s attempt to seduce the man results is her almost being raped and killed. But, Raja and Rana come to her rescue. Why should a girl get into such a situation at all, in the first place?
  7. Kumar (Navin Nischol) is a playboy and falls in love with a supposed heiress (Rekha in disguise), who does not care about his money. I wonder where does she get the expensive dress, jewelry and large car to make an appearance at the club he goes to. How does she know the sophisticated ways and mannerisms of the rich?
  8. Cut to when Rekha is driving the Victoria. Her hands are finely manicured, which is beyond the means of the poor community where she comes from. These poor people do not even know about basic hygiene. And Kumar does not realize this!
  9. Music by Kalyanji-Anandji and lyrics by Verma Malik and Indeevar are good and situational. They could have added a couple of more songs.

Victoria no. 203 (1972) songs

Do bechare bina sahare…

Thodasa thehero…

Dekha maine dekha…

Tu na mili toh hum jogi ban jayenge…


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