Dastak (1970) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s fourth post is Dastak (1970) – A Complete Analysis. The word Dastak (The Knock) makes the movie sound like a thriller. But, Dastak (1970) is a social drama. It highlights certain social stigmas. The story of the protagonists, a married couple, is their journey through obstacles that make them realize themselves and others.

Dastak (1970) – A Complete Analysis

  1. In some communities, marriage is a very important part of individuals’ lives. Many young men marry before they even get a job. They may or may not be able to afford to raise a family. Hamid (Sanjeev Kumar) seems to be one of them. Luckily, he has a job. But, his earning does not solve his problems. On top of that, his wife Salma’s (Rehana Sultan) family also depends on his earning. The couple exists in a hand to mouth existence and Hamid had to borrow money.
  2. It is disgusting that a decent married couple cannot find a decent rented place to live in modern times.
  3. Salma seems to be from a decent family and has a happy relationship with her husband. But, she becomes nude and dresses up, with the bedroom window open. That is ridiculous. The film has been made to show the female protagonist in the nude.
  4. Why does a man need to rape his own wife? Hamid thinks he will lose Salma to prostitution. Why can he not place his trust and faith in her?
  5. Though I did not like the nudity in the movie, I definitely appreciate the firm resolve of the couple at the end, to fight back.
  6. Madan Mohan’s raga-based songs are beautifully written by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Dastak (1970) songs

Baiyan na dharo…

Mairi main kase kahoon peer apne jiyaki…

Tumse kahoon ik baat…

Hum hain mata-e-koocha-o-bazaar ki tarah…


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