Mohammad Rafi sings for Mahmood


One of the most prominent actors and comedians of yore, Mahmood has enjoyed good roles in which most of the time his name is Mahesh. Today’s third post is Mohammad Rafi sings for Mahmood. Mohammad Rafi, the voice of the best actors, gave his voice to Mahmood’s songs and the stalwart actor would perform those songs onscreen with ease.

Mohammad Rafi sings for Mahmood

Matwali ankhonwale… Chhote Nawab (1961)

Woh teer dilpe chala… Aarti (1962)

Kabhi dushmani kabhi dosti… Bharosa (1963)

Ja ja re ja deewane… Grahasti (1963)

Woh din yaad karo… Hamrahi (1963)

Baat itnisi hai kehdo koi deewanonse… Beti-Bete (1964)

Ghungarwa mora cham cham baje… Zindagi (1964)

Maine rakhkha hai mohobbat… Shabnam (1964)

Yeh teri sadgi yeh tera bankpan… Shabnam (1964)


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