Aakhri Dao (1958) – A Complete Analysis


Today’s second post is Aakhri Dao (1958) – A Complete Analysis. Aakhri Dao (1958) is the story of a naïve car mechanic, who falls in love with a girl. The story is also how after some hilarious situations he wins her over.

Aakhri Dao (1958) – A Complete Analysis

  1. Raj (Shekhar) is a car mechanic. When he is in a hurry to go somewhere, his borrowed car splashes muck on Sheila’s (Nutan) dress and he takes her to an instant dry cleaners’ shop to clean her dress. I am sure the instant dry cleaners cater to the richer section of the society. How can a car mechanic afford to get the dress cleaned there?
  2. Just because Raj drops some visiting cards, assuming that he is the person, whose visiting card they found dropped by him would be wrong. The visiting card could be anybody’s.
  3. Raj is shown to be too naïve to be true. He goes to Pyarelal’s (Kamal Kapoor) casino to gamble and get enough money to pay Sheila’s debts. How come he carries a spanner with him, which is later used by Pyarelal to kill someone?
  4. The music by Madan Mohan and lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri are very good. The song Tujhe kya sunao main dilruba… is the most fantastic and funny due to Shekhar’s comic performance. Haye unki woh nigahen is also good.

Aakhri Dao (1958) songs

Tu hi aake sambhal ise…

Haye unki woh nigahen…

Na dar Sanam…

Hamsafar sath apna chod chale…

Tujhe kya sunao main dilruba…


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