Suit Sandal by Punjab Music Artist Harpi Gill


Punjab Music Artist Harpi Gill recently brought out her latest single Suit sandal under the aegis of White Hill Studios and White Hill Music. The music video features Manjul Khattar with the singer. Within a few days of the upload, the video garnered 8.4 million views on YouTube.

Inspired by the innocent conversation between couples coming from varied backgrounds and a modern take on the relationship dynamics, lyricist Moody and Akkhar sought to make Suit sandal a song of this generation and one that strung at the heartbeat of every person, who has ever been in love. Bringing the music composed by Anky to life, social media star Manjul Khattar is seen romancing Harpi Gill in the beautifully conceptualized music video shot in Mumbai.  The video has been produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu.

With the smashing success of her first song with the same production house- Lethal Jatti – Harpi Gill mesmerized audiences with her powerful voice and awe-inspiring screen presence by attracting in 44 million views within just 4 months. A rising star in the field of music, Harpi Gill is an up and coming locked-in artist with White Hill Music. Born and brought up in Punjab, Harpi’s voice is a unique blend of modern and traditional. Amongst her feats, she has given her voice for the title track of Muklawa with Happy Raikoti and Ardab Mutiyaran (Challa) amongst others.

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