Socho socho by Rajasthan Music Artist Mukesh Suthar


Socho socho by Rajasthan Music Artist Mukesh Suthar, who wants to be known as Mukesh Officials, has been released today. Mukesh is a singer-songwriter coming from a small village in Rajasthan, India. Socho socho is his fourth single. Mukesh Suthar has written, composed and sung this song.

He says, “This song is about social media and the dreams of boys. When an unknown girl replies to a message from a boy on social media, the boy begins to dream about her. His happiness cannot be fathomed. However, his dreams are shattered when he gets to know that the girl in the display picture of the account is a new actor and it appears to be a fake account. The song has been created to warn boys about such fake accounts. The display picture used in this video is of the actor Aayra Katre.”

The video has been produced by Aman and Mukesh and directed by Arjun Karmaa. Krishna Jangid has handled the direction of photography. The main artist in the video is also Mukesh.

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