Mere liye ki hai tu by Rajasthan Music Artist Mukesh Suthar


Mukesh Suthar is an Indian singer-songwriter from Rajasthan. His latest Indie offering is Mere liye ki hai tu… from the album Out from the City. Mere liye ki hai tu… is a new generation song. It depicts the current situation among the youth as far as love is concerned. The song is about deception by a lover. Similar songs are being heard in the music circles, today. Mukesh wrote this song after being inspired by his friend Vipul. In this song, Mukesh plays the role of a poet, who has been ditched by his girlfriend and how she deceived him.

The song has been composed by Mukesh. The video has been directed by Shubham Vyas. He has also taken care of Photography and cinematography. The video has been produced by Gilberto, Ritik, Bhumika and Alejandro.

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