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Cables Clips: Amazon Deals

The Kreatiives cable clips is different from other cable management in that it does not require flimsy adhesives that can fall off after a day or two. With these cable clips, you also don’t have to worry about using the weak cables ties that aren’t strong enough to hold your bundle of cords. The Kreatiives cable clips are easy to use, and require no tools or adhesives. These cable clips can be easily fastened to bundle up your power cords to prevent a tripping hazard in your home or office.

The material is sturdy and large and is able to hold many thick cords from computer, TV, and other electronics together. They are user-friendly and can help leave a clean and organized look at your house or office area. The diameter of the clips are 19mm vertically and 25mm horizontally, and can be adjusted to your liking by fastening the two sides of the rings. The width is 5mm, and hence, they are barely visible and will not cause a cluttered look to where it is used. They are versatile and can be used indoor (i.e. office wiring management) and outdoor (i.e. Christmas lights decoration).


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