Shailendra writes for Shankar-Jaikishan


Today’s fourth post is Shailendra writes for Shankar-Jaikishan. Shailendra’s was one of the most common lyricists’ works that Shankar-Jaikishan would use for their compositions. And yet, this regular collaboration almost did not happen, after they did the songs Patli kamar hai… and Barsaat mein… from Barsaat (1949). Those were the times when the music composers would recommend songwriters to producers. After promising Shailendra that they would help him get more work, they forgot about their promise. Shailendra sent them a note Chotisi yeh duniya pehchane raaste hain tum kabhi toh miloge kahin toh miloge toh poochenge haal… The music composers realized their folly and immediately hired him to write the full song for Rangoli (1962), though the producer Rajinder Singh Bedi wanted Majrooh Sultanpuri’s works.

Shailendra writes for Shankar-Jaikishan

Jahan main jati hoon wahin chale aate ho… Chori Chori (1957)

Sabkuch seekha humne na seekhi hoshiyari… Anari (1959)

Dil apna aur preet parayi… Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi (1961)

Chotisi yeh duniya pehchane raaste hain …Rangoli (1962)

Main chali main chali… Professor (1962)

Dekho mera dil machal gaya… Suraj (1967)

Chakke mein chakka… Brahmachari (1967)


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