Tumhari Sullu (2017) – A Complete Analysis


Tumhari Sullu (2017) is the story of an ordinary homemaker, who due to sheer will-power, rises above all negativity and criticism, to achieve her ambition. So, here’s Tumhari Sullu (2017) – A Complete Analysis for you.

Tumhari Sullu (2017) – A Complete Analysis

  1. Guru Randhawa’s voice does not suit Ashok’s (Manav Kaul) age and personality, in Ban ja Rani… It is too weak.
  2. Hawa Hawai 2.0… has been carelessly choreographed and the dancers have not given justice to the original singer and performer.
  3. Sullu (Vidhya Balan) applies moisturizer to her hands at night. In that social class, one cannot afford a moisturizer and very few people care about their beauty. They also do not apply a moisturizer like Vidhya Balan, who is experienced in it, does.
  4. The music team should have been one, instead of the songs being distributed to many music composers and lyricists. This would have brought out the essence of the story better.
  5. While this is one of the movies closer to real-life made in recent times, the attempt falls flat as far as the songs are concerned. Rather than saying that the songs are not up to the mark or misplaced, I would say that the songs have not been performed onscreen as the songs deserve. This is the case in almost all songs made in today’s times.
  6. Some songs are particularly about the female protagonist and her situation. Male singers can very rarely bring out feelings in such movie-situations. For example, Mera jeevan kora kagaz… Kora Kagaz (1974) and Mera jeevan kuch kaam na aaya… Mera Jeevan (1976) both sung by Kishore Kumar.
  7. There could have been more songs highlighting the life of the failed entrepreneur-cum-RJ.

Tumhari Sullu (2017) Songs


Hawa Hawaii 2.0…

Manva likes to fly…

Ban ja Rani…


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