Tubelight (2017) – A Complete Analysis


The story of Tubelight (2017) is basically about 2 brothers – the elder one is a child in an adult body. The younger brother decides to join the Indian army for livelihood. They are recruiting due to the Sino-Indian war of 1962. The story revolves around the immature man getting friendly with a Chinese boy and his mother and how his younger brother’s death shatters him.

Tubelight (2017) – A Complete Analysis

  1. The story dwells on Salman Khan and the brothers’ relationship, only. Some references to the other people bullying Salman Khan are there. There could have been some more substance to the plot.
  2. During wartime, soldiers anticipating the enemy in front of them would not march right into the trap. Soldiers are not dumb. We send soldiers to win wars and not commit suicide. Hiding behind boulders and trees, while moving toward the enemy and fighting, is not cowardice.
  3. The people of the village blame the Chinese woman and her son for the war, which is condemnable because there are several Chinese in India, who have blended into the Indian fabric. Recently, the Singer/Actor Dr. Meiyang Chang was called coronavirus by some boys driving on a motorbike, in real life. Why blame someone else for what their countrymen did?
  4. When Salman is requested to come to identify his brother toward the end, why do the Chinese woman and her son have to go with him? In that scene, the Indian soldiers’ attitude is condemnable. Is it necessary to show the apathy of Indian soldiers to all people Chinese?
  5. Music by Pritam is good overall.
  6. But, there are too many people singing playback for 2 people in Nach meri jaan… and 2 singers for 1 person in Radio song. The first thing is that it is confusing who is singing for whom. When some singers croon and nobody, in particular, lip-synchs, it looks odd.
  7. A person’s voice will not change when they sing 2 different songs unless the person’s throat has gone sore. Salman Khan has been given 2 different voices in the songs Nach meri jaan… and Radio song.

Tubelight (2017) Songs

Nach meri jaan hoke magan tu…

Tinka tinka dil mera…

Main agar…

Radio song…

Kuch nahin…


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