Tumko mere dilne pukara hai – Shailendra/Kanchan – Kalyanji-Anandji – Rishi/Neetu | Rafoo Chakkar (1975)


Movie – Rafoo Chakkar (1975)

Tumko mere dilne pukara hai appeared in 1975 House of Nadiadwala and M I Films’ hit comic caper Rafoo Chakkar (Run Away), produced by I A Nadiadwala and directed by Narender Bedi. The movie starred Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Paintal, Madan Puri, Rajinder Nath, Asrani, etc.

Dev (Rishi Kapoor) and Salim (Paintal) are musicians, out-of-work. They witness a murder and are seen by the villains. In an attempt to save themselves, they disguise themselves as girls and join a group of girls, of a singing band, on a train to Kashmir. It is here that they meet Ritu (Neetu Singh) and Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi (Asrani), among others.

Dev has fallen in love with Ritu and tries to woo her like a rich man because she has clearly said that she would like to marry an affluent person. This Dev does in between disguising as a girl within the band. Smaglani (Rajinder Nath) is in love with Salim, who goes around by the name of Salma. One day, Dev takes advantage of this fact and makes Salim in the female guise of Salma waylay Smaglani for a boat trip while Dev romances Ritu. Later, Salim brings hard facts to his friend’s notice that Dev is not so rich as Ritu desires. Dev realizes his mistake and informs Ritu that he has lost all his wealth, he had. He also tells her that he would be calling her sometime soon. If she comes to meet him, she is really in love with him. In the next shot, he sings this song and Ritu replies.

Song – Tumko mere dilne pukara hai

The music of Tumko mere dilne pukara hai was composed by Kalyanji Anandji and the lyrics were written by Gulshan Bawra.

The man calls his beloved with a lot of love and requests her to join him in the song.

Video – Tumko mere dilne pukara hai

The cinematography is by Peter Pareira. Dance choreography is by Kamal-Sohanlal.

The video opens with the music beginning as Rishi Kapoor walks forlornly on hillocks in Kashmir. The scenic beauty has been captured by the cinematographer very well. Rishi Kapoor begins the song. He hears a female voice and is happy about it.

Rishi Kapoor looks around for Neetu Singh. Neetu Singh appears from behind a hillock. They run toward each other and hug. The song peters out and the video also ends as they leave the place.


Shailendra Singh and Kanchan have sung playback for Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh.

Cultural Influence

This song is essentially romantic in nature but without the influence of any culture on it. The song is good. The video is watchable.

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