Sridevi-Rishi Kapoor Duets


Today’s second post is Sridevi-Rishi Kapoor Duets. Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor acted in 6 movies – Nagina (1986), Chandni (1989), Banjaran (1991), Garjana (1991), Guru Dev (1993) and Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha (1997), as the lead pair. In Nigahen (1989), they performed the roles of the parents of the female protagonist (Sridevi again). In most of the movies, Sri Didi played the chirpy girl-woman and Rishi Kapoor played her more mature boy-friend. When Sridevi expired, he had said that he wanted to do a mature love story with her, after doing young romantic roles.

Sridevi-Rishi Kapoor Duets

Some of my favorite Sridevi-Rishi Kapoor Duets are:

Chandni o meri Chandni… Chandni (1989)

Mehbooba… Chandni (1989)

Tere mere hothonpe meethe meethe geet mitwa… Chandni (1989)

Parbatse kali ghata takrayi… Chandni (1989)

Jaipurse nikli gaadi Dilli chali halle halle… Guru Dev (1993)


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