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Movie – Detective (1958)

Raahi chal sambhal sambhal appeared in the Amiya Chitra’s Shakti Samanta-directed ‘shocking’ thriller Detective (1958). This movie was produced by Ranjit Kumar and starred Pradeep Kumar, Mala Sinha, Moni Chatterjee, Johnny Walker, K N Singh, etc.

A police officer Loonpe (Moni Chatterjee), from Singapore, travels to Calcutta (Kolkata, now) with his daughter Mashin (Mala Sinha) looking for some smugglers. On the ship, Mashin meets a man Raja Ghosh (Pradeep Kumar) and a little boy Master (Daisy Irani in her quintessential boy-role).

When they reach Calcutta, they all check-in at Gonzalves’ (K N Singh) hotel. Loonpe is in pursuit of a criminal Sukhdev (Krishnakant), who on the suggestion of Gonzalves is masquerading as the rich Mr. Lal, a look-alike.

Mashin and Raja Ghosh fall in love with each other. Everything is going right when during one of Raja Ghosh’s magic acts; Loonpe is killed by a Gonzalves’ henchman. The police are called in. Strange that Gonzalves is not held responsible for the killing even though it happens in his hotel. Anyways, Mashin is mourning her father’s death, in the next shot. Gonzalves has been eavesdropping on whatever is happening in Mashin’s room since her father was alive. So, Gonzalves knew that Loonpe has completed his report and was ready to submit it. He also knew that the Singaporean police officer had found Sukhdev.

By chance, Raja Ghosh finds out about the microphone in Mashin’s room and that Gonzalves is listening to the conversations happening there. Right then, Mashin was being threatened for her father’s report by Gonzalves’ goons. Raja Ghosh runs to her rescue, but perceives the microphone and behaves as if he is faithful to Gonzalves. Then, he whisks off Mashin to some inconspicuous place in Calcutta. Unfortunately, Gonzalves’ goons catch up with them and keeping a safe distance, observe them.

That night, Mashin and Raja Ghosh confess their love for each other and get married, with the full moon and the stars witnessing the marriage. Raja Ghosh is required to go out during the night and he warns Mashin to be careful. Master requests her to pat him to sleep. She is called by the house owner and she leaves the room. Outside, the goons are ready with some gypsies, who are bribed to perform a dance there at that time. This is the song they perform.

Song – Raahi chal sambhal sambhal

Raahi chal sambhal sambhal was written by Shailendra for Mukul Roy’s music.

The singer warns the girl to be careful because of the treachery waiting for her.

Video – Raahi chal sambhal sambhal

Cinematography is by P Isaac. The dance choreography is by Surya Kumar-Badri Prasad.

The video opens with a female actor playing one of the gypsies, beginning to dance, in tune with the music. The actors playing the goons look around with hawk’s eyes. They have some hidden motive.

The song attracts Daisy Irani, who stealthily goes out of the house and joins the crowd. The goons sidle up behind her and catch hold of her. The song ends there abruptly and the video also ends there.


Asha Bhonsle sang for a female actor with some other dancers. Daisy Irani and others are watching the performance.

Cultural Influence

There might be some influence of the gypsy culture on this song. The song is good and the video is watchable.


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