Dev Anand-Sadhana Songs


Today’s topic is Dev Anand-Sadhana songs. According to my research, the stalwarts were paired in only 2 movies – Hum Dono (1961) and Asli-Naqli (1962). Particularly famous were the songs Abhi na jao chodkar… from Hum Dono (1961), Tujhe jeevan ki dorse… from Asli-Naqli (1962) and Tera mera pyar amar… from Asli-Naqli (1962). While Dev Anand’s typical romantic attitude is seen in the songs, Sadhana’s eyes spoke volumes and that is seen in the first song mentioned above. writes, in their review, “Her eyes, expressive and captivating, do most of the work while she balances out her submissiveness with a firm tongue.”

Dev Anand-Sadhana Songs

Abhi na jao chodkar… Hum Dono (1961)

Jahan mein aisa kaun hai… Hum Dono (1961)

Ek but banaunga tera aur pooja karoonga… Asli-Naqli (1962)

Tera mera pyar amar… Asli-Naqli (1962)

Tujhe jeevan ki dorse… Asli-Naqli (1962)


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