We’re proud of you corona warriors by Mumbai Music Artist Rahul B Seth


Creativity knows no boundaries. We’re proud of you corona warriors by Mumbai Music Artist Rahul B Seth and Sleek Pam is an example of the above statement. People are confined to homes due to the lockdown. But, all the creative people are busy with their work. They did not let lockdown stop their work.

We’re proud of you corona warriors

Rahul B Seth said, “It is a heartfelt tribute to corona warriors all across the world and a solemn pledge to be of help to the brave hearts who are battling it out there so that we can be safe. I have been in constant touch with Pamela Eboh in Nigeria who is a journalist (Senior Correspondent) with News Express Media Group. She is also a budding singer going by an alias name – Sleek Pam. Owing to my African background and varied world music skills; we had decided to collaborate on an international single. Then out of the blue, the deadly corona pandemic reared its ugly head and within no time, the entire world was in a state of lockdown.”

Rahul B Seth

He added, “But Pam and I, both were in awe and admiration for the brave front line warriors worldwide, like doctors, journalists, media personnel, police authorities, healthcare workers, armed forces and administrators, who are facing this deadly virus head-on just to keep us safe and alive. So, I decided to create a special song as a motivational and heartfelt tribute to the brave hearts all over the world and the fact that all of us can be a big help to the corona warriors by staying home and staying safe. I asked Pam if she would like to collaborate with me on it.”

She loved the idea, and he started working on it. He sang part of the song and sent her the lyrics and melody, the first line of which goes like –  We’re proud of you corona warriors. We’ll Stay at Home, We won’t be Carriers. On this, Pam recorded her vocals out there in Nigeria, along with her selfie video clips. He worked on the music, recorded his vocals and selfie video clips over here, staying at home. Rahul Seth was ably helped by Arpan Arekar, who did the additional programming of tracks and the mixing and mastering of the song.

Pamela Eboh aka Sleek Pam

Rahul B Seth continued, “Then I discussed the video’s creative design with an immensely talented and experienced film editor and director – Vinod Pathak, who finally put together all the visuals and gave shape to such a wonderfully impactful video, keeping in mind the limited resources for production.”

He asserted, “I am really thankful to my wonderful creative team and to Sleek Pam for their support in giving life to this heartfelt tribute to the selfless brave angels, who are doing all they can to save millions of lives all over the world. May all be blessed and stay safe and healthy.”

The song is partly in Hindi, partly in English and 3 major Nigerian languages – Igbo, Hausa and Auruba.


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