Tumhare pyar mein hum beqarar hoke chale – Mohammad Rafi – Shankar-Jaikishan – Dharmendra | Shikar (1968)


Movie – Shikar (1968)

Tumhare pyar mein hum beqarar hoke chale was featured in Guru Dutt Films’ murder mystery Shikar (1968), produced and directed by Atma Ram. The movie starred Asha Parekh, Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Helen, Rahman, Ramesh Deo, Bela Bose, Johnny Walker, etc.

Ajay (Dharmendra) is the manager of Timli Estate and works under Naresh (Ramesh Deo). Late one rainy night, Ajay finds a girl (Asha Parekh) getting involved in an accident in front of his home. He fetches the unconscious girl and makes her comfortable on his bed. Ajay goes to fetch a doctor. But, on the way, he finds that his boss Naresh has been murdered.

By morning, having fetched Police Inspector Rai (Sanjeev Kumar); Ajay realizes that the evidence have disappeared or has been tampered with. Ajay takes Rai to meet the unconscious girl, he met the previous night. But, she has already disappeared due to the negligence of Ajay’s manservant Teju (Johnny Walker). Now, Rai thinks that Ajay has been hallucinating because he hadn’t slept properly the previous night.

A few days later on a chance visit to a dance performance, he perceives the same girl. It turns out that she is Kiran, the daughter of a retired police officer. He still suspects that she has some connection with Naresh’s death. But, post an altercation with her; he makes it a point to meet her often. They begin to date and on such a date, he sings this song.

Song – Tumhare pyar mein hum beqarar hoke chale

Tumhare pyar mein hum beqarar hoke chale was penned by Hasrat Jaipuri and its music was scored by Shankar-Jaikishan.

The man sings, “I have lost my peace after falling in love with you. I was the hunter. No, I am the hunted.”

Video – Tumhare pyar mein hum beqarar hoke chale

The cinematography is by V K Murthy.

The video opens with the music beginning and Asha Parekh hurrying to her jeep, to start it. Dharmendra comes along on her way and begins to sing this song. The jeep is moving and he moves along backward and then sits on the front portion of the jeep.

Dharmendra gets down from the front portion of the jeep and Asha Parekh takes off in the jeep. But, he is determined and keeps pursuing her. Again he comes in front of the jeep and climbs onto the front portion.

Dharmendra climbs into the moving jeep near where she is sitting and he continues to sing. Then, he gets down from the jeep and climbs into the back portion of the vehicle as it keeps moving. He climbs into the front passenger seat.

Asha Parekh stops the car and runs into the wilderness and is followed by Dharmendra. As they move about the forest, they bump into a villager carrying some haystack and all of them fall down. The song ends abruptly there and the video also ends.


Mohammad Rafi sang this song for Dharmendra and Asha Parekh plays along.

Cultural Influence

This beautiful song does not have a cultural influence on it. The song is fantastic. The video is watchable for Asha Parekh’s graceful movements.


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