Do sunahri ankhon mein – Geeta Dutt – Mukul Roy – Mala Sinha | Detective (1958)


Movie – Detective (1958)

Do sunahri ankhon mein appeared in the Amiya Chitra’s Shakti Samanta-directed ‘shocking’ thriller Detective (1958). This movie was produced by Ranjit Kumar and starred Pradeep Kumar, Mala Sinha, Moni Chatterjee, Johnny Walker, K N Singh, etc.

A police officer Loonpe (Moni Chatterjee), from Singapore, travels to Calcutta (Kolkata, now) with his daughter Mashin (Mala Sinha) looking for some smugglers. On the ship, Mashin meets a man Raja Ghosh (Pradeep Kumar) and a little boy Master (Daisy Irani in her quintessential boy-role).

When they reach Calcutta, they all check-in at Gonzalves’ (K N Singh) hotel. Loonpe is in pursuit of a criminal Sukhdev (Krishnakant), who on the suggestion of Gonzalves is masquerading as the rich Mr. Lal, a look-alike.

Mashin and Raja Ghosh fall in love with each other. Everything is going right when during one of Raja Ghosh’s magic acts Loonpe is killed by a Gonzalves’ henchman. The police are called in. Strange that Gonzalves is not held responsible for the killing because it happens in his hotel. Anyways, Mashin is mourning her father’s death by singing this song, in the next shot.

Song – Do sunahri ankhon mein

Do sunahri ankhon mein was written by Shailendra for Mukul Roy’s music.

The girl sings, “Everything was going right for me. And suddenly everything went wrong.”

Video – Do sunahri ankhon mein

Cinematography is by P Isaac. The dance choreography is by Surya Kumar-Badri Prasad.

The video opens with Bimla Kumari dancing on the floor and K N Singh enjoying his life. Mala Sinha is in grief. She begins to sing this song.

The song shows the emotional contrast between Mala Sinha’s grief, on the one hand, and K N Singh et al’s happiness, on the other.

K N Singh leaves Bimla Kumari near his table. Mala Sinha moves around her hotel room. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends, as she is still walking aimlessly inside the room.


Geeta Dutt sang for Mala Sinha and Bimla Kumari dances around K N Singh.

Cultural Influence

There is no influence of any culture on this song. The song and the video are watchable for the simple emotional contrast in it.


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