Chodiye gussa huzoor – Mohd. Rafi – Mukul Roy – Pradeep Kumar | Detective (1958)


Movie – Detective (1958)

Chodiye gussa huzoor appeared in the Amiya Chitra’s Shakti Samanta-directed ‘shocking’ thriller Detective (1958). This movie was produced by Ranjit Kumar and starred Pradeep Kumar, Mala Sinha, Moni Chatterjee, Johnny Walker, K N Singh, etc.

A police officer Loonpe (Moni Chatterjee), from Singapore, travels to Calcutta (Kolkata, now) with his daughter Mashin (Mala Sinha) looking for some smugglers. On the ship, Mashin meets a man Raja Ghosh (Pradeep Kumar) and a little boy Master (Daisy Irani in her quintessential boy-role).

When they reach Calcutta, they all check-in at Gonzalves’ (K N Singh) hotel. Loonpe is in pursuit of a criminal Sukhdev (Krishnakant), who on the suggestion of Gonzalves is masquerading as the rich Mr. Lal, a look-alike.

One day, Mashin is waiting at a bus stop to return to the hotel when Raja Ghosh perceives her. He is in a car and asks her to hop in. She doesn’t seem to be interested. But, on the insistence of an elderly person, she gets in alone. Raja Ghosh sings this song at this time.

Song – Chodiye gussa huzoor

Chodiye gussa huzoor was written by Shailendra for Mukul Roy’s music.

The man sings, “Give up your anger (for me). Why have you taken an offense to me?”

Video – Chodiye gussa huzoor

Cinematography is by P Isaac.

The video opens with the car moving in the traffic. Pradeep Kumar begins to sing this song. Mala Sinha is still offended. All the pleading that he does, finally, results in her beginning to smile! Soon, the song peters out and the video ends as the car is still moving toward its destination. The quality of the video is not exactly good. The audio and the lip-synch do not match.


Mohammad Rafi sang for Pradeep Kumar and Mala Sinha looks on.

Cultural Influence

There is no influence of any culture on this song. The song and the video are watchable for the artists – playback and onscreen.


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