Ajnabe Bollywood


Today’s topic is Ajnabe Bollywood where we analyze songs and their situations talking about strangers. In most movies, the love story involves strangers. But, I don’t understand, how can 2 complete strangers just fall in love? One of the persons could be a psychopath serial killer or a criminal for that matter, who could hurt the other person. Anyways, here are some of my favorite Bollywood songs talking about strangers falling in love.

Ajnabe Bollywood

Thandi hawayen… Naujawan (1951). Nalini Jaywant falls in love with a stranger (Prem Nath), without even knowing anything about him or if he reciprocates the feeling.

Gareeb janke humko na tum bhula dena… Choo Mantar (1956). Johnny Walker and Anita Guha are absolute strangers. Anita Guha’s character is impressed by his singing and falls in love with him.

Ek ajnabe haseenase… Ajnabe (1974). Stranger Zeenat Aman’s attitude impresses Rajesh Khanna and he falls in love with her.

O meri chorni o meri morni… Katilon Ke Katil (1981). How can complete strangers fall in love? If they do, it is just an infatuation or only sexual attraction.

Ajnabe tum itna bata… Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha (1998). Ajay Devgn helps Stranger Kajol on her first flight ever and she falls in love with him. There are often several people helping you. Can you fall in love with all of them?


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