Mitwa bole meethe bain – Bhupinder Singh – R D Burman – Sanjeev Kumar | Parichay (1972)


I have, most of the time, dedicated Mondays for black and white movie songs and today, I have shared one post on one of them already. The reason, why I have chosen Mitwa bole meethe bain from Parichay (1972) as well for today, is a recent incident that happened during the coronavirus pandemic.

A family returned from a Rajasthan-based wedding event and the lockdown in India began. One of the kids, realizing the grave reason for the stay at home government order, began to sing Sare ke sare gama ko lekar ghar pe baitho! That reminded me of the song from this movie that I had reviewed 3 years ago and I thought, why not share another song from the movie with the above incident. This could be the beginning of another story that I might narrate besides the movies I take up. Stay tuned!

Movie – Parichay (1972)

Mitwa bole meethe bain appeared in 1972 family drama Parichay (Introduction) directed by Gulzar and produced by V K Sobti under the banner of Tirupati Pictures. The movie starred late Pran, Jaya Bhaduri, Jeetendra, Asrani, Sanjeev Kumar, Geeta Siddharth, A K Hangal, Leela Mishra and a special appearance by Vinod Khanna.

Ravi (Jeetendra) is an unemployed young man. Therefore, he immediately agrees to the tutor job arranged by his maternal uncle. His aunt informs him that the grandchildren of Rai Sahab (Pran) are very naughty and have made all the previous tutors run away. The children led by Rama (Jaya Bhaduri), the eldest kid, try to do the same with Ravi. However, to their surprise, the new tutor takes their mischief lightly. He also supports them before their great aunt Sati Devi (Veena).

The manservant (Asrani), of the house, recounts through flashback how the kids’ father Nilesh (Sanjeev Kumar), who was learning music, would begin to sing early in the morning, for the benefit of Ravi. This is the song that appears at this point in the movie.

Song – Mitwa bole meethe bain

The lyrics of Mitwa bole meethe bain have been penned by Gulzar and the music has been composed by R D Burman.

The man sings, “Dear Friend, speak sweet words.”

Video – Mitwa bole meethe bain

Cinematography is by K Vaikunth.

The video begins with a man standing with his back to the camera in the large balcony of a villa. A male voice begins to sing. The man turns and he is Sanjeev Kumar. It is he, who is singing. Asrani comes and serves him juice. They converse about Sanjeev Kumar’s marriage. But, Sanjeev Kumar is not interested.

Sanjeev Kumar continues to sing after leaving the balcony. Pran is ready and walks through a passage toward Sanjeev Kumar’s room. He sees Sanjeev Kumar playing the sitar and completely engrossed in his song. When Pran enters the room, he stops singing abruptly. The video also ends there.


The main playback singers are Bhupinder Singh for Sanjeev Kumar.

Cultural influence

This seems to be a typically Hindustani Classical song and according to my research it is Raga Rageshree. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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