Kal talak hum ek tha – Geeta/Mohd. Rafi – Mukul Roy – Johnny/Bimla | Detective (1958)


Movie – Detective (1958)

Kal talak hum ek tha appeared in the Amiya Chitra’s Shakti Samanta-directed ‘shocking’ thriller Detective (1958). This movie was produced by Ranjit Kumar and starred Pradeep Kumar, Mala Sinha, Moni Chatterjee, Johnny Walker, K N Singh, etc.

A police officer Loonpe (Moni Chatterjee), from Singapore, travels to Calcutta (Kolkata, now) with his daughter Mashin (Mala Sinha) looking for some smugglers. On the ship, Mashin meets a man Raja Ghosh (Pradeep Kumar) and a little boy Master (Daisy Irani in her quintessential boy-role).

When they reach Calcutta, they all check-in at Gonzalves’ (K N Singh) hotel. Loonpe is in pursuit of a criminal Sukhdev (Krishnakant), who on the suggestion of Gonzalves is masquerading as the rich Mr. Lal, a look-alike.

Constable Chaudhary (Dhumal) is given a new case and he also lands at the hotel, with his assistant John Butler (Johnny Walker). John falls in love with the hotel dancer Miss Liza (Bimla Kumari). One night, Miss. Liza begins to sing this song.

Song – Kal talak hum ek tha

Kal talak hum ek tha was written by Shailendra for Mukul Roy’s music.

The girl sings, “Till now I was single. What has happened now?”

Video – Kal talak hum ek tha

Cinematography is by P Isaac. The dance choreography is by Surya Kumar-Badri Prasad.

As the music begins in the video, Johnny Walker becomes happy and wears his overcoat on his nightclothes. Someone is singing in the background and it turns out to be Bimla Kumari. Johnny Walker rushes to join her. Dhumal wakes up at that time and dances all the way to the balcony. The song peters out and the video ends as Dhumal touches Johnny Walker’s face.


Geeta Dutt and Mohammad Rafi sing for Bimla Kumari and Johnny Walker. Dhumal also shakes a few legs.

Cultural Influence

This song may have some influence of the Goan Catholic culture on it. The song and the artists are fantastic. I just love the hilarious way in which Johnny Walker and Dhumal participate in the dance. The song is watchable for the artists – playback and onscreen.


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