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Continuing with the articles on Bollywood motivators, today Vivek Jaitly motivates us. The singer talks about his favorite motivating Bollywood songs.

He says, “Motivation to me is – understanding the situation and coming up with a plan to stay positive and happy. As of now I just wanna say to the world – ‘The whole world is going through a tough time. What we can do is just pray and salute the real heroes – doctors, army, police, media and the government, who are fighting the battle with coronavirus without any fear. Huge RESPECT AND SALUTE. This is the time to be with your family and yourself. Do some creative stuff like yoga and workout and most importantly don’t let negative things surmount your mind. Yeh corona ke din jaldi se chale jayengey.’”

Bollywood and Vivek Jaitly Motivates

On the list of his favorites from Bollywood, he says:

I am totally a Bollywood person. Other than writing and composing my music, I really listen to Bollywood songs. I think there are lots of Bollywood songs for every mood. My favorite motivating songs are –

Ajj phate chuck len de… Chandni Chowk to China (2008). The lyrics mean – fight till you live to be good and do good.

Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dheka jayega… Ghayal (1990). The lyrics mean – let’s not think negative about the future. Pray and let’s be positive.

Kar har maidan fateh… Sanju (2018)

Yahan ke hum Sikander… Jo Jeeta Vahi Sikander (1992)

Chale chalo chale chalo chaahe kuch bhi hojaye… Lagaan (2001)

Me lath gaad du me chaada paadh lu… Dangal (2016)

Brothers anthem… Brothers (2015)

Message from Vivek Jaitly

Where ever you are and if you are reading this then just take a deep super positive breath and just follow what your government is saying. Trust me this is the time for us to motivate the real fighters – Doctor Saab apko salaam hai.


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