Hamsika on Corona


India has gone into lockdown for the next 21 days. We have lockdown elsewhere as well in the world. I decided to find some zeal and enthusiasm by contacting film personalities and asking them to share some motivation with the people of the world. The first in the list is Singer Hamsika, who shared her views on lockdown in this motivating interview – Hamsika on Corona.

She said, “Let’s all be responsible humans and enjoy our time at home. There is so much we can do at home. Spend time with our loved ones, listen to music, read books, watch amazing movies and learn something new, which otherwise we would never find time for. (Smiles)”

Hamsika on Corona

Bollywood and Hamsika on Corona

Aa chal ke tujhe main leke chalu… Door Gagan Ki Chaon Mein (1964)

Kuch dil ne kaha kuch bhi nahi… Anupama (1966)

Dil ki girah khol do chup na baito… Raat Aur Din (1966)

Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hai jo makaam… Aap Ki Kasam (1974)

Ruk Jana Nahi tu kahin haar ke… Imtihan (1974)

Dil se… Dil Se (1998)

Chale chalo… Lagaan (2001)

Ye hausala kaise ruke… Dor (2005)

Chak de India… Chak De! India (2007)


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