Jenny Davis hits all the right notes on “Rearranged”


Jenny Davis is a composer, bandleader and critically acclaimed vocalist. “Rearranged” is her fourth album as a leader and with a mix of originals and cover tunes, Davis shows that she has a vision for her music that is uniquely hers.

About Jenny Davis in brief

It might surprise no one that Davis is an educated performer. She has spent the past two decades honing her craft and earning academic credentials. Davis holds a bachelor of music from Cornish College of the Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts in Composition from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her work has taken her around the globe. Davis has shared stages and studios with some of the most notable names in jazz, including Anita Wardell, Jay Clayton, Jovino Santos Neto, Andy Jaffe, Bud Shank, and Hadley Caliman, to name a few.

Davis has an activist bent to a great deal of her work. Her work as an artist and her calling as an activist have merged and morphed into the songs on “Rearranged.” Three songs on the album promote Davis’ activism that calls for an acceptance of diversity. The songs: “Come with Me,” Yeoman Warders,” and “Rearranged” are the three tunes reflective of Davis’ mission. However, to truly appreciate Davis’ gifts as a singer, listeners must check out “And What If I Don’t.” There, Davis shines with a classic jazz patina to her voice that engages with layers of warmth. Davis possess a mellifluous instrument that will have audiences wanting to hear more.

“And What If I Don’t” by Jenny Davis

The Herbie Hancock classic gets a twist in Davis’ capable hands, or pipes, rather. The rhythm of the song is a little off-beat, but hits listeners in the right way. Davis’ phrasing adds to the almost rushed ambiance of the song. Audiences hear her pose the question, but her sly diction makes the words almost slip by without listeners being sure that they have heard.

The piano plays a significant role in how the song takes shape. Shimmering drums usher in a shuffling feel that is brightened by the piano and other elements. Once listeners catch on to the movement of the song, they are likely to feel cooler than they actually are. A terrific song that does a lot of work to recommend the album.

“Rearranged” by Jenny Davis was released February 20, 2020. It is available at all fine retailers.

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