Teri meri gal banju – Vivek Jaitly


It’s the season of new music releases, I guess, despite the coronavirus pandemic. This is the third song; I am sharing this week, this time fresh from the Punjabi sanjha chulha. Teri meri gal banju by Vivek Jaitly was released on YouTube, last night and already it has received 0.1 million views with several appreciative comments below it on YouTube!

Teri meri gal banju – Vivek Jaitly

We got talking to Vivek Jaitly, the crooner of this song. He said, “This is Punjabi rendition was written and sung by me and featuring me, Eshanaya Maheshwari and Preeti Kochar. The music is by Riyaazi and directed by Shekhar Sirrinn and choreography by Deush Mehra. It was released under the label of Artkart and shot in beautiful Thailand.”

He added, “The song Tere meri gal banju is a very special romantic and peppy song and the concept behind this beautiful song is that we should respect our elders’ decisions about our marriage and the parents really wish only the best for their children. So, where they see their happiness, the elders just agree to their decisions.”

The story of the song goes thus:

In the song, the girl is upset as Vivek Jaitly is not speaking to his Mom regarding his girlfriend. The song is a beautiful romantic journey where Vivek Jaitly is teasing his girlfriend romantically and talking about the only possibility of them getting married was his Mom’s green signal to their marriage – Jey Mummy nu pasand aagai tu teri meri gal banju. At the end, Vivek Jaitly takes his girlfriend to his Mom. The girl realizes that his Mom had already consented to the alliance even before meeting her.

The song ends with a note where Vivek Jaitly asks her to talk to her Dad about him. The result is that she gets scared. Guess what? There is a sequel coming. The next song is about Vivek Jaitly meeting his girlfriend’s Dad.

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