Top 20 Punjabi Songs – March 18, 2020


Today’s post is Top 20 Punjabi Songs – March 18, 2020. This week there has seen a lot of disruption in the list of the top 20 songs. 17 songs have been pushed out of the list and 17 new songs have taken their place. Today’s top song is Tebiyanda putt… by Sidhu Moose Wala. This song depicts the position the singer has reached in the world of music. He insists that though others may think he has used immoral ways to reach the top, the path he took has been very pure and ethical.

Top 20 Punjabi Songs – March 18, 2020

The numbers in brackets show the position of the particular song in the last week’s hit-list.

  1. Tebiyanda putt… Sidhu Moose Wala.
  2. My block… Sidhu Moose Wala.
  3. Haan karde… Uday Shergill/Gurlez Akhtar.
  4. Mind games… Vicky/Karan Aujla.
  5. Fukra… Tarsem Jassar.
  6. Eney ku pal… Satinder Sartaj.
  7. Hollywood… Babbu Maan.
  8. Manke… Jassa Dhillon.
  9. Ishkia pareshaniyan…Satinder Sartaj.
  10. Dream gabru… Karan Aujla.
  11. Tajurba… Gurnazar Chattha.
  12. Majhe walda… Amrinder Singh/Nimrat Khaira. (First)
  13. Kaali range… R Nait/Gurlez Akhtar. (Second)
  14. Don’t fight… Sucha Yaar.
  15. Ghum ghum… Babbu Maan.
  16. Bend… Gurjas Sidhu.
  17. Police… DJ Flow/Afsana Khan
  18. Red eyes… Karan Aujla/Gurlez Akhtar. (Third)
  19. El chapo… Sidhu Moose Wala.
  20. Dead end… Gurnam Bhullar.

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