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A Band of Boys is a well-known band in Mumbai. They have released a new song – Nain ladalein – their first this year 2020.

Nain ladaleinA Band of Boys

India’s first and only boy band A Band of Boys and India’s premier adventure park Della Adventure & Resorts – two legacy brands have collaborated and produced a unique music video called Nain ladalein, which captures the magic and thrill of Della Adventure and Resorts as experienced by A Band Of Boys with their manic energy and fun-loving nature.

This adventurous video is a wild goose chase across the exhilarating rides of the park, orchestrated by the boys where they separate and mislead an influencer couple to their live performance at the amphitheater, rewarding them with a spotlight in the finale amidst a whole lot of nostalgia and a fresh memorable tune.

Karan Oberoi says, “It was a fab experience and a lovely property with very hospitable staff. It is a perfect blend of adventure and leisure. The chemistry and bonhomie of the boys is and will always be the driver of all our videos and so it is the case here too!”

Chin2 Bhosle adds, “I loved the cleanliness and upkeep of the place. There are many amusement or adventure parks in India but very few of them maintain a certain quality standard – Happy to see that Della’s standards were very high indeed.”

Sherrin Varghese says, “Each time I go to Della it gets better. In the past, I have performed here or stayed with family, attended a weekend festival and this time it all kind of summed up really well with the wonderful support of their staff and management to help produce this amazing music video.”

Dennis Fernandes opines, “Shooting at Della was very comfortable and adventurous at the same time.”

Vertikal Productions’ Nain ladalein from A Band of Boys is their newest addition to their long list of already released songs. The lyrics were penned by Manoj Tapadia and the music was composed and produced by Sherrin Varghese. The video stars Sherrin Varghese, Chin2 Bhosle, Karan Oberoi, Danny Fernandes, Paras Tomar, Proneeta Swargiary, Amit Mhatre and Nischal Chaubey. The dance has been choreographed by Danny Fernandes, Kunjan and Savio.

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